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The SerenusView Advantage: Powerful Tools for Viewing High Resolution Images Over the Web

Upload and Store

Organizing your high-resolution images is simple with SerenusView. Use our Image Upload Client to upload images quickly. Then organize them in a familiar folder structure and meets your needs. Source images can be organized in a completely different structure than Annotated images.

Annotate and Markup

Use the image annotation tools to markup your images with Regions of Interest. These allow for easy, quick navigation by others to areas you've identified. One Source Image can be used as the base layer for any number of Annotated Images, marked up differently in each one.

View on the Web

Viewing extremely large, high-resolution images over the web has never been easier. All you need is a web-browser. No expensive paint programs or huge amounts of computer memory. Just upload the images and then share a link to a colleague. They can view the image from anywhere that has a good Internet connection.

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